Conditions and Requirements



This agreement applies to courier operators Barbaros, My Office, Lale Sok. No: 2 D:13, 34746 Ata?ehir/?stanbul who resides at the address AMENO TECHNOLOGY? L?M?TED between the CUSTOMER and the CUSTOMER who is a member of the site/application, at the moment of the customer's membership and approval of the site/application.
The parties will be referred to in this Agreement as "MR.JET" and "CUSTOMER". By becoming a member of the Site, you acknowledge that you have read the User? You accept, declare and undertake that you have read, understood and approved the entire User Agreement.
MR.JET : The owner (MR.JET) is an intermediary service provider on a virtual platform. Both the customer and the vehicle owner drivers communicate with MR.JET during the courier service process, MR.JET acts as a bridge between the customer and the vehicle owner drivers. MR.JET is not a party to the transportation service relationship between the CUSTOMER and the DRIVER.
Courier : A natural or legal person who carries out transportation activities.
Customer : A person who aims to receive service from the Courier through the application and creates an order request in this direction.
Party(ies) : Customer and/or Courier.
Conditions: All of these conditions of use.
Application :All intellectual and proprietary rights of the Courier, which can be used on mobile and other devices with internet connection belonging to MR.JET, where the services undertaken by the Courier can be ordered by the Customer. Mobile application or web-based software where all intellectual and industrial rights belong to MR.JET. Customer and Courier and its mobile application.
Contract: This refers to a contract.
Site : is a website consisting of a domain name and subdomains linked to this domain name.

Within the framework of the terms and conditions of this agreement, motorized courier services within the provincial borders of Istanbul that the Customer needs and, if requested by the Customer, parcels, packages, products and similar shipments that cannot be transported by motorcycle during the day. Courier and MR.JET courier services.

1- Customers and couriers can start using MR.JET from the Application / website under these conditions by downloading the Application / filling in the sections required for registration via the website at the address, after confirming the GSM number, entering the password.

2- The customer accepts, undertakes and declares that all information provided during the application is always and in all respects complete, true and up-to-date. Customers may update their information at any time through the Application/website. Any damages that may arise from the information entered during the application not reflecting the truth shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

3- Downloading, installing and subscribing to the app on smart phones is free of charge.

4- In order to become a member of the Application, the Customer must be over 18 years of age and not have been banned from membership by MR.JET for any reason whatsoever.

5- The password set by the Customer will only be within the Customer's knowledge. In case the Customer forgets the password, the Customer will be able to create a new password by entering the e-mail and/or mobile phone information registered through the Application. All responsibility for the security of the newly created password used by the Customer belongs to the Customer. MR.JET cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur regarding the password.

1- The Courier delivers to the delivery points within the scope of the packages delivered by the Customer, the maximum value of which must be determined as 750.00TL. In the event that the customer selects a delivery address via the Application/website, he/she will be delivered to the delivery points located in the relevant coverage area and dedicated to the region in question. The courier is directed by MR.JET.

2- The customer will be able to transport packages with a maximum value of 750,00TL by courier. Provided that the courier cost of the shipment is limited to 750,00TL, the Customer accepts and declares that the shipment is under 750,00TL. MR.JET does not accept any responsibility for shipments exceeding the said amount.

3- All kinds of valuable documents such as checks, bonds, policies, stocks, bonds, etc., weapons, narcotic substances, gold, jewelry, cash, etc., which are prohibited to be transported within the scope of the relevant articles of law, cannot be transported by the Customer, and all damages arising from their transportation cannot be carried by the Customer. MR.JET will be able to claim from the Customer. In the event that the goods carried are not legal, all kinds of criminal, legal, financial and administrative responsibility belongs to the Customer, and in case MR.JET is damaged in this regard, the Customer agrees to compensate MR.JET for all material and moral damages.

4- The Customer shall be liable for any damage, including damage to third parties, caused by incomplete closure of the opening, packaging defects or the nature of the shipment.

5- Upon the Customer's request, in addition to the service fee through MR.JET, the Courier may carry out the purchase of the products requested from outside, at the Customer's own risk.

6- The customer should pack the package, envelope or material to be sent in a way suitable for transportation and in a way that will not get wet in wet weather and write on it the open address to be sent, the name, surname and telephone number of the person to be delivered.

7- The delivery time to the customer via the application is the estimated time MR.JET targets for delivery. MR.JET cannot be held responsible for the failure to deliver after this estimated target time.

8- The sale price of the product, delivery costs, transportation costs and any other additional fees such as taxes, duties, charges, etc. will be collected from the credit card / debit card or other payment methods chosen by the Customer.

9- If the customer chooses the Online Payment Method, the credit/debit card information entered in the Application/website will be recorded and the debit/credit card will be used again for subsequent payments. Online payment system infrastructure is provided by YZ CO MasterCard/Visa. Customers can use more than one registered/unregistered credit/debit card in the application.

10- In the event that the credit/debit card used within the scope of the Online Payment System is used illegally by someone other than the cardholder, the customer shall be liable to pay a fee in accordance with the Law No. 5464. Bank Cards and Credit Cards? Law No. 5464 and dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458? Bank Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated March 10, 2007 and numbered 26458. and the provisions of the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated March 10, 2007 and numbered 2645.

11- The customer accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she is responsible for the security and storage of the system access tools he/she uses in order to benefit from the services offered by MR.JET for the purpose of application, and for the storage of this information from third parties.

12- The customer shall be deemed to have fulfilled its payment obligation by making the payment to MR.JET.

13- The product is delivered to the address specified by the customer when placing the order, the address cannot be changed later. The customer can add new locations with location names such as home, work, etc. and determine delivery points through these names.

14- MR.JET has the right to collect the fee in the event that the Customer cannot be reached from the contact information provided within 15 minutes due to incorrect address notifications, the Customer not being at the specified address, receiving the product late. Although MR.JET does not accept any responsibility, it will be deemed to have fulfilled the performance fully and completely and the Customer's objections will not be accepted. In this case, if the order is requested to be delivered back by the Customer, the Customer will have to pay the price determined again and the return delivery program will be made according to the intensity of the business. Delivery times may vary in case of extraordinary circumstances, force majeure and weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc. that make it difficult to use motorcycles.

15- The customer will be able to transfer all kinds of complaints arising from problems such as Product, Courier, Delivery to MR.JET's Customer Relations Center via the phone number / website.

16- The customer accepts, declares and undertakes to use the Application / website in accordance with the law and its purpose, and to accept, declare and undertake that he / she bears the legal responsibility for every action and action he / she takes.

17- In case of cancellation and returns, the refund of the fee will be realized according to the relevant bank procedure of the Customer's debit/credit card and may vary according to the payment method.

18- Comments made on the website/application may be published by MR.JET if deemed appropriate.

19- Regarding the content and comments shared in the application/website; the Customer is solely responsible for all features of the content, including accuracy, quality, legality, relevance, reliability, quality in the interpretation of the content.

20- MR.JET may review comments to determine whether they are lawful or violate these Terms of Use (such as where we are notified of illegal content) and to comply with legal obligations. In addition, MR.JET may modify, delete or block access to/viewing content that is deemed to violate the law and/or these Terms and Conditions. MR.JET reserves the right not to publish comments.

21- Customers may not share comments, shares and other content in the transactions to be carried out on the Application within the scope of the following.

- Any content that is objectionable or illegal,
- Content that is harmful, offensive, defamatory, violates personal rights and/or offensive to other customers and/or third parties,
- Content that threatens any person or organization,
- Content that is offensive or harmful to any person,
- Content that offends/may offend the general public,
- Content that is continuously shared by a single customer and is irrelevant to the topic and page content,
- Identical content shared by one or more customers (spam),
- Advertising content on behalf of another brand or organization,
- Any comments, links and content that supports and encourages illegal initiatives,
- Any content that violates the rights of any third party or organization.

22- The Customer is solely responsible for any content/comments provided on the Application. Customer acknowledges and agrees that any shared Customer content/commentary (i) complies with the law; (ii) does not infringe any rights, including intellectual property rights, of third parties; and (iii) you have all necessary rights and authorizations to provide the content.


1- After the Customer submits the courier request to the system, if any courier cannot be matched with any courier, no fee will be charged to the Customer; if any fee has been charged, it will be returned to the Customer.

2- The customer cannot make changes after the courier has entered the request and the product has been received by the courier.

3- If a courier has been requested by the customer but the delivery has not been realized by the courier, the customer may make changes to his/her order. In this case;

- If the newly created Service Fee is lower than the first created Service Fee, the difference shall be refunded to the Customer.
- If the newly created Service Fee is higher than the first created Service Fee, the Customer shall be requested to pay the difference. If the Customer fails to pay the difference, it shall be deemed that no change has been made to the order and delivery shall be made to the address specified in the initial order. In such a case, the Customer shall have no right of objection or claim.

4- If the Customer wishes to cancel the order in question after the courier request has been accepted and the courier assignment has been made; if the order has not been received by the courier, the Service Fee will be reflected to the Customer as %.... cancellation fee. If the order has been received by the courier and has been distributed, the Service Fee will not be refunded. In this case, if the order is requested to be brought back, the cost of this service is also requested from the Customer. If the payment is not realized, the order will be delivered to the specified address.

5- In the event that the person or company specified to receive the shipment is not present at the delivery address specified by the Customer or cannot be found despite reasonable efforts by the courier, the courier shall immediately inform the Customer and the shipment shall be returned to the Customer. In this case, the cost of the service to be provided for the return of the shipment from the Customer shall be paid separately by the Customer immediately. In the event that the Customer fails to pay the additional service fee, the Courier shall be liable under Article 950 of the Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721. The Courier may exercise its right of imprisonment pursuant to Article 950 of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721.


1- By becoming a member of the application, the CUSTOMER, who declares his/her mobile phone number, agrees that MR.JET may send SMS messages to mobile phones limited to the transaction. CUSTOMER agrees to notify MR.JET by updating their Member Accounts when their mobile phone numbers change. MR.JET may send such messages. In order to ensure legal security in the Application, MR.JET may store such messages for the duration of membership, except for sensitive data.

2- The CUSTOMER agrees that MR.JET may process the name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address, citizenship number, operating system version of the mobile device used, location information, voting information given to MR.JET at the end of delivery as a legitimate right to perform the relevant activity. MR.JET undertakes not to share this information with anyone other than the Courier.

3- The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not access the personal data contained in the Application for the purposes of creating, controlling, updating, changing the database, record or directory belonging to himself/herself or a third party and will not download it to his/her own systems.

4- The CUSTOMER agrees to approve this Agreement while becoming a member of the APPLICATION and after membership. During his/her movements within the Application, he/she agrees to comply with the Law no. 6698? Protection of Personal Data? Pursuant to Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("Law"), personal data ("Personal Data") such as name, surname, e-mail address, order address(es), telephone number, etc. that they share with Courier, the data controller, will be processed in accordance with the principles set out in the Law and by taking all kinds of technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security.that he/she is aware that his/her personal data ("Personal Data(s)") will be processed and transferred to third parties, that he/she is aware that he/she has been provided with a clarification text containing details regarding the processing of his/her Personal Data when he/she becomes a member of the Application, and that he/she is aware that he/she can always access the clarification text and the Courier Privacy Policy through the Application.

5- KURYE will be able to process the Personal Data that it has become aware of due to this Agreement, independently from the explicit consent of the CUSTOMER in the cases listed in the Law and by obtaining the explicit consent of the CUSTOMER when necessary, and transfer them to MR.JET's business partners and suppliers with whom MR.JET has a contractual relationship.


1- The Parties hereby acknowledge and agree that the source codes, databases, algorithms, interfaces, designs and other components constituting the APPLICATION subject to this Agreement and its content and all kinds of hardware, software, platform, idea, invention model and know-how to be offered to the CUSTOMER by MR.JET within the scope of the service belong exclusively to MR.JET, all kinds of Intellectual and Industrial Property rights belonging to any hardware, software, platform, idea, invention, business model and know-how to be provided to the CLIENT by MR.JET within the scope of the service and that this agreement does not grant any rights to the CLIENT on the things listed in this article except for the use of the System, and that it only grants the right to use during the continuation of the agreement. It is strictly forbidden for the CUSTOMER to copy, process, use or make available to the public, for commercial purposes, all or any part of the content, including but not limited to MR.JET's trademarks, logos, texts, software and source codes contained in the Application.

2- In the event of non-compliance by the CUSTOMER with the terms of the Agreement and the rules and conditions declared for the APPLICATION, MR.JET may suspend or terminate the membership without any prior notice to the CUSTOMER and terminate this Agreement unilaterally without compensation in order not to prejudice the personal and commercial rights of third parties. CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes not to claim any compensation from MR.JET in this case.


All financial statements, reports, financial and legal information, trademarks, membership information, trade secrets or any other information that may or may not be subject to legal protection, all written and/or verbal commercial, financial, technical information, customer and market information and other information and data that the Parties and their employees will learn during the commercial relationship in question shall be deemed to be Confidential Information.Information which is within the public knowledge by legal and legitimate means without breach of this Agreement and which the Parties expressly and in writing state that it is not confidential shall not be considered as Confidential Information. The Parties may disclose such information pursuant to an applicable law or other regulation or a court decision or administrative order. In this case, they shall inform each other immediately and in any event within two (2) business days. The parties undertake to protect any information and data that may be considered within the scope of this article, not to share it directly/indirectly with third parties in any way whatsoever and not to use it for purposes other than the purposes of the commercial relationship.


1- The CUSTOMER has the right to terminate the use of the APPLICATION at any time.

2- MR.JET may terminate the Agreement unilaterally and for just cause if the CUSTOMER acts contrary to the provisions and the Application specified in this Agreement.

3- MR.JET has the right to terminate the agreement without giving any reason and to stop the use of the APPLICATION indefinitely.

4- MR.JET reserves the right to suspend the CUSTOMER's membership or completely remove the CUSTOMER from the Application if it is determined that the CUSTOMER has acted contrary to the relevant legislation or the rules of good faith and morals.


The CLIENT may not assign or transfer any of its rights, interests or obligations arising out of this Agreement to any third party without the written consent of MR.JET. Any assignment or transfer without MR.JET's written consent shall be void.


MR.JET may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, amend these Terms and Conditions at any time it deems appropriate by posting such amendment on the Application.


Any event that is considered force majeure under this Agreement (natural disaster, riot, war, strike, epidemic disease, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outage, heavy storm, flood, governmental restrictions, etc.) and which may affect the activities and operations of the Courier, power outage, heavy storm, flood, restrictions of official authorities, etc.) and affecting the activities and operations of the Courier, the Courier shall not be held liable for late or incomplete performance or failure to perform any of the obligations set forth in this Agreement. In case of force majeure, the CUSTOMER may not claim any compensation from MR.JET under any name or name due to the above-mentioned circumstances.


The parties agree that the interpretation and application of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Anadolu (Kartal) Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized to settle any disputes arising out of this Agreement.


The Parties hereby agree, declare and undertake that all commercial records of MR.JET and all information and records and electronic correspondence kept by MR.JET in its database and servers shall constitute prima facie, conclusive and exclusive evidence in disputes arising out of this Agreement and that this clause is an evidential contract within the meaning of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.


All notifications between the parties shall be made in writing.
Unless the Parties notify the other Party in writing of any change of address, the address shall be the Parties' valid address for service of process. In the event of any change of address and failure to notify the other Party in writing, notifications to be made to the address set out in Article 1 of this Agreement or to the addresses notified by the CUSTOMER during membership of the Application shall have the force and effect of a valid notification. Without prejudice to this notification clause, the parties agree that all notifications shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Notification Law no. 7201. They accept, declare and undertake that all notifications shall be made within the scope of the provisions of the Notification Law No. 7201.


The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any provision of the Agreement or of any expression contained in the Agreement shall not affect the force and effect of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.


This Agreement, consisting of eighteen (18) articles, has been read by the Parties and entered into force upon mutual acceptance by the CUSTOMER's electronic approval. The terms and conditions of this Agreement begin with the courier service order and end with the delivery of the courier service. The CUSTOMER who makes the courier delivery declares and undertakes that he accepts these terms and conditions.

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1. **Kampanya Süresi:**
– Bu kampanya [12.02.2024] tarihinde ba?layacak ve [30.06.2024] tarihinde sona erecektir.

2. **Kimler Kat?labilir:**
– Kampanya, Mr.Jet mü?terilerine ve tedarikçilerine aç?kt?r.
– Kat?l?mc?lar, mevcut mü?terilerin yeni mü?terileri [Yeni Mü?teri] olarak getirmesi ?art?yla kampanyaya kat?labilirler.

3. **Kazanç Ko?ullar?:**
– Kat?l?mc?lar, getirdikleri her Yeni Mü?terinin her tamamlanan gönderisi için belirlenen ödülü kazanacakt?r.
– Ödül, 20 TL tutar? Cüzdana yans?t?l?rak sa?lanacakt?r.

4. **Yeni Mü?teri Tan?m?:**
– Yeni mü?teri olarak kabul edilecek ki?i, daha önce Mr.Jet taraf?ndan hizmet almayan ve ilk defa bir hizmet veya ürün sat?n alan ki?idir.

5. **Ödül Da??t?m?:**
– Kazan?lan ödüller, her tamamlanan gönderiden sonra hakedenin cüzdan?na otomatik olarak yans?maktad?r.
– Ödüller nakit olarak ödenmeyecek, sadece Mr.Jet taraf?ndan belirlenen ürün veya hizmetlerde kullan?labilecektir.

6. **Hile ve Sahtekarl?k:**
– Hileli veya sahtekarl?k içeren kat?l?mlar, derhal diskalifiye edilecektir.
– ?üpheli durumlar?n tespiti halinde, Mr.Jet herhangi bir gerekçe belirtmeksizin kampanyaya kat?l?m? reddetme hakk?n? sakl? tutar.

7. **De?i?iklik ve ?ptal Hakk?:**
– Mr.Jet, kampanya ?artlar?n? önceden haber vermeden de?i?tirme veya kampanyay? herhangi bir zamanda iptal etme hakk?n? sakl? tutar.

8. **?leti?im Bilgileri:**
– Kampanya ile ilgili her türlü soru ve sorun için Mr.Jet ile ileti?ime geçebilirsiniz: 0850 532 3969 veya

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